Traditional Chinese Clothing


The traditional Chinese clothing has been around for centuries. They have evolved and changed with the times but the basics are very much the same. Chinese women's clothing, especially in the younger age groups like to dress up as if they are going on a trip to the west. That is why most of their traditional clothing is rather colorful.

Chinese traditional clothing has three main sections, the jacket, the pants and the shoes. These are then complemented with beautiful fabrics like silk and velvet and exquisite embroidery work. They are also accompanied by petticoats, which are quite similar to slacks but are shorter and more relaxed. In fact, the term pajamas in Chinese is used to describe these short pants. Many women would call it a leisure wear and they would team it with a traditional blouse and some brightly colored neck scarves.

Most western women associate traditional clothing with evening wear and skirts, but that is not the only use. It was originally designed to be worn during the day time. It was just not considered appropriate for all other occasions. In fact, these clothing items were considered very formal and ladies who wore them had to be of a high social status, and above all, should be wealthy and respectable. Thus, when they left the house, they usually had to put on an apron, even if they were going out to eat. It is because of this that most younger Chinese women still tend to think that the clothing they wear is for working and not a leisure wear.

Another reason for this traditional dress code is because most rural women were quite poor and could only afford to buy cloth. And because they did not have access to the sewing machines that are so common nowadays, clothing had to be made by hand. Even today, some of the older women still make their own clothing out of simple material like wool and they still use this method. This way they are able to keep the family's expenses low and also express their own individuality.

The traditional Chinese clothing used to include a variety of outfits which usually included pants (which were pleated), long jacket, a solid piece of colored fabric (usually blue or green), a belt, and many more. There were also accessories which were worn with these clothes and they included belts, decorated shoes (for men), colorful, decorative garb, and many more. To make these outfits complete, they would either embroider them with intricate designs or decorate them with sequins and other gems. Most of these clothing items took many days to create and thus were usually expensive as well.

During the 20th century, there has been a great effort to revolutionize traditional Chinese clothing and make it more western in style. Chinese women are now allowed to wear trousers and jeans and even some western shirts. They can freely choose what color they want for their clothing and even some of them have gone as far as to get western style shoes. They have also gained the right to wear headdresses and decorative garb which were unimaginable during the communist era.

The traditional Chinese clothing is made from a very rich fabric that is hand woven and it exudes a unique and elegant appeal. Chinese women still prefer to wear the traditional clothing of their countrymen rather than fashionable western clothes. The complexity of the traditional clothing can best be seen in the designs, which are often very elaborate. They are designed to be both comfortable and at the same time, appealing. One of the most commonly used designs in modern Chinese clothing is the panda bear, which is a very popular theme in Chinese clothing due to its widespread popularity among Chinese women.

Due to its intricate design, Chinese clothing takes a lot of time to create and it is also quite expensive as well. The demand for traditional clothing however, has made it possible for Chinese traditional clothing makers to mass produce their products. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of stylish western clothing that are made by Chinese seamstresses. Many of these clothes can easily be found in any online store, which sells authentic traditional Chinese clothing. If you want to read more articles on this topic then check this source

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